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LEGO 3185 Uk Friends Summer Riding Camp

Includes a mini-bus with seats for all 4 mini-doll figures and a detachable trailer. Then serve up a yummy meal in the canteen, clean up in the bath house and hang out by the campfire.

It is like a make your own dolls house and surprisingly not too pink – woo hoo!

It has encouraged great imagination play. It didn’t take her long to build the riding camp, (roughly 2 hrs), but she thoroughly enjoyed that and was able to manage the instructions independently – another good outcome.

I would advise any lego friends fan or collector to get this set!She loves playing with it now it’s built and we often have to take the horses out for a ride. It was well packaged and delivered very quickly as well. It took them a while (they are 3 and 5) and once built they spent many hours making up stories and adventures!

This camp is equipped with everything you need and includes a mini-bus complete with trailer for the friends arrival, stables, a horse staging area and a 2 storey camp house, where they can rest when they’re not riding around the pastures. Enjoy lessons in the classroom, learn to put on horse saddles and reins, groom the horses and take them out for a ride. And after a hard days work, the girls love to settle by the campfire and eat delicious roasted marshmallows.

Brick Grrl is a show for girls made by girls. This episode Hailee reviews the Summer Riding Camp.

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