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LEGO 3188 Review: Heartlake

Listen to heartbeats with the stethoscope!

With the included bandages, you, your children, and their friends have the chance to take care of the animals and nurse them back to health.

Lego 3188 Review

The accessories include a spoon, stethoscope, ice pack, and a clipboard. Enter the vet’s office through a clear door. There are multiple windows lining the front of the building. The movable pieces make it easy to redecorate, so there are endless ways to play.Decorate the animals’ stalls with ladybugs, flowers, and butterflies. Mia is a customer who’s bringing in her pet for a check-up. The pet might also need some medicine, but the plot is up to the player. The animals and dolls have small holes on their heads to accommodate accessories. Sophie comes with a cute medical cross hat that she can put on and take off throughout the day. Your child can play with this set alone or with friends.

Lego 3188 Lego Friends Heartlake Vet Review

Non-commercial presentation of 2012 Lego Friends Heartlake – – New series of …

There are so many different scenarios they can play in. For animal lover and possible future veterinarians, this set that turned out to be a short production run is very sought after.

I bought this for my granddaughter’s birthday. But it was worth it to see the smile on my granddaughter’s face!

Lego Friends Set Heartlake Vet Review!!!

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