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LEGO 3198 Fang Flyer Space

Do many people really purchase bricks based on these instructions?

The bottom line is that these instructions are provided on a goodwill basis.

Lego 3198

Alternatively, they may consider it worthwhile providing a paid service for obtaining better quality copies of instructions. Browse other questions tagged instructions lego-group or ask your own question . What is the name of these little plastic things that protect wires from being cut into by the sharp edges of a drilled hole?

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How old is the use of “steal” for non-rival goods?

The stable also includes two stalls and a small field complete with jumping fence. Along with the horses, this set comes with an adorable cat and frog mini-figure for extra critter-filled fun. Appropriate for children ages 6 to 12, this set comes with the pieces to build the stable, fences to create a yard or larger practice area, and flower pots to add spots of color or create a garden. There is also a special fence for the riding competition, and blue and white stands for spectators to watch the show.

Lego Cis.3198 Presentation

CIS 3198.

Your child can saddle up the horses with the included saddles and bridles, then give them a good cleaning with the little brush and comb. Mia loves hanging out at the stables and taking care of the horses. Practice riding or jumping with 2 practice jumps. Keep the stables clean and sparkling with the pitchfork and wheelbarrow. When it’s time for competition get the horses ready with soap, ribbons, brushes, bows and other accessories. Hang the prize ribbon on the stable door. Then take a break in the hayloft lounge with cups and read a book on horses. Lots of playability- very happy that it included 2 horses, 2 girls and a barn cat. The girls have attached riding hats, and there are reins and saddles. A good use of regular lego bricks along with some great specialty accessory pieces. Also, the barn stalls are not attached to the main barn building- we modified this by taking the smooth grey tiles (meant to be stepping stones) and moving them so they connected the 3 baseplates. Some pieces were different and stickers were already on it!

It comes with everything you could imagine would go into a horse stable. It has the stable building, a well, and several fences for making a pen or jumping. It also comes with plenty of horse related accessories including helmets, saddles, horse food, etc. It is a really nice and big set with a lot of pieces to let your child’s imagination run wild. The horses have removable saddles, and even the jumps are set up realistically so that the top rails are easily knocked off, just as in a real show jumping course. She and her dad sprawled out on the living room rug together and worked on it. Not in original boxes but comes in containers with full original instruction booklets. With added games and read along stories some music, note pad, art painting and more.

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