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LEGO 3315 Price Friends Olivia’s House

Pick the apples from the tree and, with the carrots from the garden, drive to her market stall. Use the trailer and hitch it to the tractor.

Lego 3315 Price

When she gets there, put all the items on display. They are in excellent condition, only built and never played with just sat on her shelf for show!

Here are the listing for the same sets in a new box. Some of these are retired / hard to find sets.Retired set, in excellent condition with no missing peices. Prices varies from each different set so please read the ad and the price carefully. All the prices are for pickup only but delivery can be arranged with the buyer paying for the additional extra postage. It is complete and includes both instruction books. Cat missing but replaced with dog and dog house. Ring for more pics or details 6 large, 3 med, 6 small, 3 mini.

Each minidoll has arms and legs that can be positioned, such as for seating them on their adorable furniture. Their hands can hold small accessories like flowers and books. Most of the parts snap into place, allowing them to stay exactly where you put them. Many of the parts can be used for multiple purposes. There is also a barbecue and outdoor table for entertaining outside.

You can open the refrigerator door and stock it with food. The cabinet doors also open to store the brick made foods and dishes. The set comes with seven separate bags of bricks. Each of the seven bags is labeled, and there is a set of instructions for each of the bags.

You can build one part at a time or put all 695 pieces together in one fun building session. The house can be reconfigured in multiple ways, allowing you to try new architectural styles each time you build it. The box shows several different configurations that you can try. The home’s walls are beige and white with pink shutters and white windows. She & a friend put it together over two days and made several modifications to make it suit their vision. Barbecue a feast on the outdoor grill and invite the girls!

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