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LEGO 3353 Duplo Spencer Topham Hatt

The chunky pieces are perfect for small hands. Our son enjoys taking the trains apart and putting them back together.

Lego 3353

He and his dad have lots of fun playing trains together. All the pieces are easy to assembly and fun!!!

Also a very interactive gift for a child. From the picture you think it’s just small duplo sized but the trains are huge!The train comes apart so you can build other trains/cars/trucks on the wheels, which my son just loves.

We also got some more legos, and straight and curved track pieces, and he plays with it for hours on a daily basis. The tracks don’t always stay together on really plush carpet, but you can connect them with flat lego pieces to solve that problem.

Thomas And Friends | Lego Duplo 3353 Spencer & Sir Tophamm Hatt Toy Train

LEGO DUPLO Thomas & Friends 3353 Spencer and Sir Topham Hatt set with 45 pieces. Makes a completer circle of track.

Lego Duplo Spencer And Sir Topham Hatt

LEGO Duplo Spencer and Sir Topham Hatt 3353 how to build instruction, funny speed building Duplo Thomas de trein, Spencer …

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