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LEGO 3367: Space Shuttle

The back section contains three boosters and two thrusters, with transparent orange studs to mimic rocket exhaust. There are no booster rockets included in this set.

Lego 3367

Rocket into orbit on an important space mission!

The box has two numbered bags, one instruction booklet, one loose 6×16 black baseplate, and one sticker sheet. The back of the torso has some hose and suit printing. He has a single-head with him having a nervous smirk and wearing orange glasses.His helmet is also white with a clear visor. The astronaut’s other accessory is his second helmet and backpack piece. The crew cabin is detachable and can fit one minifigure. The control panels consist of two printed pieces. Interestingly, there is no control wheel for the astronaut to pilot the plane but he does have a red cup in case he gets thirsty during his flight. The bay has two doors that open up which stores the telescope on a robotic arm.

There is also space for the astronaut’s helmet and backpack piece. After the payload cargo bay and hull of the shuttle is finished, you add on the flaps to both of the wings which are called elevons. On the back are three main engines and two smaller orbital maneuvering engines. In the end, you attach the tail and the landing gears. Unfortunately, the wheels on the landing gear do not fold up and the tail does not have a movable rudder. The color scheme is great and although there were stickers used, they were didn’t take away from the model but added to it. However, you can take the wheels off and make it seem like it’s in flight mode and it looks nice that way too.

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