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LEGO 3368 Ebay City Space Centre Minifigures Astronaut Center

At 494 pieces, this set is large enough to challenge and develop problem-solving skills without being overly complex or intimidating. He even places the rocket next to his bed every night.

Lego 3368 Ebay

The set arrived in perfect condition at the promised date. It is missing the very top piece on the rocket and only has one astronaut. The small stickers on the side of the rocket are a little worn looking, but all other stickers intact and in good condition. All 3 books are in fair condition books 1 and 3 have a slight dog ear on the bottom left hand corner.Accessories include count-down clock, spacesuit, vehicle, fuel tank and tool station.

Lego Space Center 3368 Review!

Lego City Space Centre

3…2…1…blastoff. Send the Lego City space explorers on a mission to Mars!

Features rocket, control center, launch platform, …

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