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LEGO 3408: Amazon Lego Soccer Super Sport Coverage Toys

Five posable action figures come with the set, including a medic team ready to rush injured players to x-ray via the stretcher. There is a booth for the announcer minifig, and it has a yellow microphone for her.

Also, there is an awesome camera crane that extends for the cameraman, (complete with camera and video tape piece), to catch all the soccer action. Inside the x-ray room there is a new piece only available in this set. Put a figure on the stretcher, then clip the piece into his legs and, as another reviewer mentioned, his leg looks broken!

I took off a star for durabiity because there are three seperate base plates, not one.This lego set comes with three different parts. Both x-ray and shop have 2 seats in front so all together this set comes with 8 seats to sit in. The shop comes with 2 hats 1 red flag and a video tape piece, that you could put in the camera it comes with. The entrance comes with a spinning thing and 2 windows with 2 cash machines. First of all it has a camera crane and a booth for an anouncer. It’s a window kind of piece that has half of a body.

So when the lego man goes under the piece on the strecher the leg looks broken!

For example it could be 15 dollars because it is not a lego where you role it and play with it often.

I understand that there are a lot of special parts but thats besides the point. The instruction booklet is very elaborate and easy to understand.

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