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LEGO 365: BrickLink

Packed with imaginative and fun building ideas, this 256-page hardcover book has games and activities for endless fun. Also includes a countdown timer and activity selector.

Lego 365

Well, it is cool, but for serious collectors only. Nice, we’ll try to build the western village again !

Many pieces that cannot be taken apart again, for a careful kid desperate not to ruin them. May have minor damage to jewel case including scuffs or cracks, or to the item cover including scuffs.The majority of our disc games come in their case. The majority of our cartridge games do not include instructions or a case. Discover the beauty and grace of this most sacred time. Set a timer, and see how quickly it takes you and your friends to find them. So long as you build a simple, stable body to begin with, you can go on adding more and more high-tech details until it looks as if it comes from another planet!

Make the players move from behind the scenes—and put on all the funny voices, too!

Lego Set 365 Wild West Scene From 1975 With Box!


BrickTsar LEGO® Collector – LEGO How to, History, Hauls, and Humor!


When he’s not building, he writes, and is the author of a trilogy of adventure novels. In the real world, he works in innovation and marketing for one of the world’s biggest brewers. Clock button to set the countdown time for games and timed builds. The timer is glued into the book’s cover, and you’ll probably want to leave it there so it doesn’t get lost.

You can access the battery compartment through an opening in the book cover.

I got this book for my 7 year old who enjoys building and making his own things, but every single idea page requires very specialized pieces. This a awesome book and the price is perfect for what you get.

I gave this as a birthday gift and the birthday child couldn’t be happier getting this book. So if your child, grandchild, or if thinking to get this as a gift for someone go for it because this book is awesome. The shipping was extremely fast and absolutely no delays on getting the book. So would recommend this book it is worth every dime you spend. It isn’t great for a 7 year old that was hoping for “constructions”.

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