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LEGO 3845: BrickLink

Bought to take away on holiday as it is light and easy to carry. Good game that can then be changed by changing the dice faces.

Lego 3845

Grow, swap and scare your way to victory in this fast, fun and unpredictable game. Fun game to play with my grand-children (from age 4. .. A round is played quite quickly (about 10 minutes) and so nobody gets bored. Of course, the first time you play, you have to “build” the wolf and sheep and dice!Lego into a game simple and fun for kids in the 8 and under crowd. My 5 yr old twins and 3 yr old play it alone while im making dinner. It’s the only one so far that even our youngest (4 year old) can play with little trouble, and even with all 4 of us playing, is fast paced enough to hold their attention.

I play it with my grandkids and we always have a good time. My only regret is only 4 people can play it. It takes seconds to start playing (after initial set up, which is easy) and can be played fairly quickly, making it perfect for the younger crowd and those with attention issues.

Lustige Runde Shave A Sheep (Lego 3845)

LEGO Shave a Sheep im Test mit Kahdo und Katzi.

They tend to make an alliance with each other and it’s fun to watch them cooperate (rare!). All the pieces fit in a quart size bag for on the go fun. First time set up is required to get all the sheep and wolf bodies together. It’s fun to roll the die and count how many pieces of wool you add onto your sheep. There is a wolf that if it comes up on the die, is fun to play ‘scare’ the wool off the sheep. Always a favorite in the game rotation and a gateway into lego building. She was able to play the game and loved the idea of building the sheep and sheering them.

Обзор Lego

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