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LEGO 3858 Heroica Waldurk Forest Buildable Game

It is such fun to figure out all of the different strategies, and of the course the little one’s are sooo much smarter than me, but we have a “great time”!

It arrived quickly and was well packaged and you can’t beat the price.

Lego 3858

He assembles them in no time, and even enjoys playing by himself when no one else is availble to play. Many small parts to keep track of, we use sandwich baggies to help keep them from being lost. My son has become kind of resposible, owning these games, he does not like it when peices go missing, but if they do it’s nice to know that some pieces are used in other games. Keeps them occupied for many hours that’s why five stars.However, i still don’t know how to play it as a game. No instructions are included for the game itself. The new heroes, weapons, treasure and monsters add a fun element to this building and exploring game. The multi-challenge game allows 2 to 3 players to join the game. It is a great addition to an already enjoyable game.

Lego Instructions Games 3858 Waldurk Forest

Lego® Games. Bosque De Waldurk . Heroica

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