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LEGO 3d Modeling: Battle Lego Design Software

While each builder has their own ways of turning a vision into plastic reality, the use of graph paper and (not-inconsiderable) artistic abilities are traditional. But in this 21st-century world of computer, well, everything, it should come as no surprise that you can use software tools to make the process much easier.

The big downside is that the software has been officially defunded and discontinued in 2016. Fan backlash to this news was notable, and even after saying there would be no update, one more post-defunding update was in fact shipped. Nonetheless, the program remains useful for the time being and has a lot going for it. This is software that doesn’t suffer from the bloating disease we often see.Only a limited number of bricks are available by default, but by enabling “extended mode” all the possible blocks in the database can be used.

I really like the visual style of the program. It also has an awesome connection system – you just drag and drop the bricks; it detects the “legal”connections and snaps on.

You can, however, override that with the coordinate system, which lets you position the bricks any way that you want to.

You can also chat in real time to facilitate the process – very modern for a program like this.

You can download it here , or go here for examples of their custom creations.

The website, in particular, is pretty great. The parts list can be cumbersome to work with, but it sure is comprehensive!

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter what sort of device you have or what operating systems it runs. Preferring graph paper or just winging it, they feel the software makes it all too easy.

LDraw™ is an open standard for LEGO CAD programs that allow the user to create virtual LEGO models and scenes.

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