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The story mode is very quick to complete (even with rationing of playing time and school, he still completed it in under a week, with minimal supervision), but there is loads to do when this is complete so he is if anything more excited by it now that he can go back to levels with new characters and complete additional challenges. For this instructable, you will need a variety of pieces, but will mostly rely on 1×8 blue plates.

Each photo will show you what you will need to build for each step, and then how to attach each section to the main structure. Thank you all, and enjoy the instructable. However there is one major issue which takes away from the fun and experience etc. That is the glitches and game freezing up when play on 3ds.I am really surprised the game makers have not released a patch that fixes this issue as this game has been out for awhile now. Hope they offer a free patch for those of us whom have bought the game.

We have this same game for the xbox 360 and our 5 year old can play it with limited assistance. However, this version seems to be much harder and he constantly needs help to get through the levels. There is also no city to randomly wander around like in the console version. Your only option is to play the story line.

Lego New Nintendo 3ds

He loves the variety of characters he can unlock and play.

I haven’t played it myself so i have no opinion aside from what my son has said, and checking the other negative reviews it seems this game appeals more to kids than adults. It’s an okay game for adults, entertained him for maybe a few hours and completed in a day.

I wouldn’t recommend this for an adult gamer or an avid gamer. If you’re new to video games or a young child you might find it amusing and an easy start. He absolutely loves it and played it continuesly for a whole weekend. It is just a wonderful version of the avengers for the younger kids!

These fascinating gadgets are real figurines that interact with different games in a variety of ways, unlocking hidden levels, extra features and character upgrades. But each amiibo does different things depending on the game, so you should explore different combinations to get all the hidden gems.

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