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LEGO 3ds Review

Earlier titles attempted to act as side games, while more recent titles have focused their efforts on condensing the same experience offered by the console versions. For the most part, this is the same game with a couple of minor alterations.

The handheld version predominantly offers the same levels, but breaks them down into more manageable chunks, with each console level equating to roughly three handheld levels. This was likely done to make the game more easily portable, but the result is more preferable in general. There’s a real sense that the developer has learned from their past mistakes, and used the strengths of the format to their advantage. The former is playable at any time, which is a great distraction, particularly when taken on the road.Blaster combat segments take a page from more action-oriented games, with player characters using cover, and getting their shots in when the opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, the new multi-builds system is an idea that works well, but screams for stronger implementation. The new addition makes puzzles a bit more complex, but it seems like an idea that needed to cook more. For the most part, multi-builds options end up as steps in a larger puzzle. The majority of the multi-builds options revolve around building one creation to accomplish a part of the puzzle, then smashing the creation to rebuild it as something else to finish the puzzle. It’s a logical extension of the brand, but it felt like the developer played the option far too safely.

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It would have been nice to see crazier multi-builds options that diverged from one another, offering truly unique experiences that make the player want to revisit the levels multiple times. While the new gameplay additions are quite welcome, the biggest improvement to the title is the voice acting. During the main adventure — which took me just under 10 hours to complete — you hit the major events from the first two films in bite-sized level form, with much of the less-important plot elements cut to make time for combat. The downside to a fast-paced story is, of course, that some details and transitions are lost. The levels are short and often action-packed, and the button-mashy combat is as fun as always. It was confusing at first to try to remember which dwarf did what, but there’s a quick-switch option that helps quite a bit. However, the controls to use each ability don’t work quite as well as they should, and it’s frustrating. It also has the same create your own dinosaur mechanic here. The only problem with this game is the lack of an open world, that is only for the console versions. Short levels but it’s still just as enjoyable. Don’t worry about the game being crap, its pretty fun. Please do not listen to these 2 negative reviews or any new negative reviewers that come after this. There is no open world exploration just the same old linear gameplay just replace it with dinosaurs. It is the same crass capitalization of movie games. What’s left is a story and characters that are charming, memorable and incredibly funny, but a game that is less than joyful to actually play. All of this typically culminates in a boss fight for each region before moving on to a new area, new outfit and new gang. Despite the fact that they are more of a cosmetic change than anything, the new outfits allow players to feel a small sense of accomplishment along the way. Each segment of the world effectively rinses and repeats what you’ve done before, but for a portable game (which almost demands brief, bite-sized play sessions) it works. Gameplay and characterization (and therefore humor) are compromised, leaving something that is just decent. If you’ve played one, you know how they all work. Different characters have different special abilities, and you are able to switch between members of your party at any time. Shortened versions of the cut scenes from the console versions are used to tell the story. Many of the environments are the same, but some of the puzzles and means of getting through the levels are a little different. After that, you’ll need to complete a quick-time event to actually land a blow on your opponent.

At first, this was a nice way to break up the gameplay, but since these duels don’t get any more difficult as you go along, they started to feel more like an annoyance.

You pick your character and specify the strength of three attacks and three defense moves. While this is pretty neat, it makes me wonder why this mode wasn’t included as a standard multiplayer feature with other players of your choice rather than strangers. And while we’re on the subject of multiplayer, the lack of wi-fi cooperative play is a disappointing omission, especially since that’s one of the things that make these games so fun. Being able to more efficiently see the depth of the environment makes it a lot easier to aim your jumps, even though the camera is still fixed.

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