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LEGO 40082 Christmas Tree Stand Limited Edition

Then we placed gifts, large and small, beneath it.

We bumped our heads a few times while we unwrapped our gifts but there were no black eyes or scratched up faces!

Lego 40082

The set comes with 2 mini figures, 3 trees, and some accessories.

I say get it now, before the price goes up, and its impossible to find. He told me to buy seasonal legos so we can set them out each season. For the price, they were a cute decoration for me to have each year – making memories.It was sent on time and it is everything the web site said it was. In perfect order, no damage at all and just an excellent experience. Nothing even comes close to the real deal. Sweep up any needles that fall with the broom!

Makes a great gift or seasonal decoration!

Lego Christmas Tree Stand Review!

Exclusive Winter 2013 Promo Set

Lego Christmas Tree Stand

Time to cut the tree for Christmas,How big do you want yours?

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