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LEGO 40166 Legoland Train

Father and son had special time together assembling. It would have been even better if it came with or option to purchase a little track set on the side.

My son really enjoys building and rebuilding and playing with it. The train operator has a striped vest with the pocketwatch printing that’s been used before in previous sets. The head piece is pretty useful with the full beard.

I do like the head piece with the silver glasses.The dad has a blue and red plaid button shirt torso. Finally we have the child that wears a white hoodie with blue pockets. He is the only one that has a double-sided head. Again, nothing new but has some useful parts. In the front, you have your typical steam locomotive look but with a variety of the basic colors. The top of the cab is on four jumper plates so you can easily take off and put the operator in.

2016 Legoland Train Set Review!


The next car is a 4×4 stud wide coal car with some ladders on the sides and a shovel and broom clipped on the inside. The passenger car is almost as large as the first two cars combined. Again, the top is removable because of the jumper plates so you can put the minifigures in. The back of the car also has an additional ball and socket plate for more trains to attach on to. Finally, there’s a little station which is just a 2×8 plate on a couple of 2×2 plates. The minifigures are decent although there isn’t anything too special about them.

Lego Legoland Train New Set Review And Build

LEGO 40166 LEGOLAND Train – New 2016 Set Review and Build Train from LEGOLAND Parks. Set is available right now only …

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