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LEGO 40253

While this is no big whoop if you know it going in, it’s a little disappointing if you find out only once you’ve started building. Last year’s set (40222) had a tiny little note on the instruction books that said “models cannot be built at the same time”.

Lego 40253

There have been a few models that are sad to see go, but they can be built again later. They almost were fighting with the kids for a chance to put it together. He has been making one each day for advent.

I was looking for 24 indvidual projects with all of the pieces to make them and this wasn’t it.Bought to use as advent calendar, but pieces must be reused for the next creation.

I knew it didn’t have doors for each day, but we have cloth calendar we fill ourselves. They were not pieces that could be used in more than one build. That would have meant making all the creations while noting what was missing. This set requires items built on previous days to be taken apart to build items for later days.

I have no idea how you would present this as fun to a child, considering they would have to give their new creation back each day so it can be torn apart in order to build the next day’s item.

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