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LEGO 41003

Both boy and girl cousins loved playing with it – small enough to assemble in a small group, and generated good imaginative play. Then use the wheelbarrow to collect the hay for the foal under the buildable tree.

Lego 41003

Groom her with the accessory pack including ribbons, brushes and combs to make her very pretty!

My granddaughter wanted it (along with many others) my disabled son wanted to get this for her, he is on a limited income from social security. Amazon was charging the retail price, but when they sold out, other toy vendors jacked up the price to double retail. The item itself was fine, my granddaughter had it together in about 5 minutes though.I won’t buy from that seller anymore either for taking advantage of the popularity and jacking up the price. All the pieces come pre sorted and organized in bags. It can be used both alone or with other lego friends sets.

I have to remind myself it is the artistic and engineering talents that go into creating the kits that we are paying for. She did just fine with the bigger pieces but the small red pieces for the apples on the tree were a little tricky. But other than that, it’s a really cute little starter set!

Lego Friends Olivia’S Newborn Foal Set 41003 Review!

It is a small set but we use it as an add-on to her other, bigger set, and it works well that way.

I gave it a second star only considering the vendor may not have much control over what final price it is sold at and due to it’s light weight may drive the final price up. Also considering that the vendor cannot control the handling of the package after it has shipped. She is quite into animals and is in a horse phase currently, so this was perfect.

Lego Friends Olivia’S Newborn Foal Building Instructions

LEGO Friends 41003– Olivia’s Newborn Foal Building Instructions.

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