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LEGO 41011 Friends Stephanie’s Soccer Practice Amazon.Co.Uk Toys

Dribble the soccer ball through the cone obstacle then practice guarding the goal with the goal-shooting function. Practice hard then take a quick break on the bench and refuel with the water from the cooler and a banana.

Its fun exciting and even includes this fantastic football set which will go down well with girls who like football too. Another excellent toy and my daughter loves it!

Practice guarding the goal with the goal-shooting function!

My girl liked that there is a bow that can be moved grom the dog to the girl, the water cooler and the obstacle course with the mini cones.I am glad they made girl-friendly series.

I was embarrassed to gift this to a family friend’s daughter due to the condition of the package. Item arrived within allotted time frame and was well packaged.

We have multiple sets, all great quality, easy to read directions, and it’s fun to build your little town and move the people around to different places. Treenipaikalta löytyy paljon välipalaa, jos nälkä yllättää.

Lego Friends Stephanie’S Soccer Practice (41011) Exploration

An exploration of Stephanie’s Soccer Practice by LEGO Friends (41011). The set contains 80 colorful pieces to build Stephanie, …

Lego Friends Stephanie’S Soccer Practice Building Instructions

LEGO Friends 41011– Stephanie’s Soccer Practice Building Instructions.

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