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LEGO 41029: Stephanie’s Born Lamb

It was perfect because being so small, she could do it herself. She put it together, played with it, and then took it apart to store.

Lego 41029

She has taken it out since that time and played with again. They are made out of a great quality material and they also have pretty colors.

I build them (she helps here and there), she plays with them. This was a nice addition to her collection.Then give her a lovely hot bath in the tub, with lots of nice warm water from the tap. Groom her using all of the accessories and help train her so that she is the best behaved lamb in the world. Give her a rosette to show how beautiful she is and then tuck her up nice and tight at bedtime!

Lego Friends Stephanie’S New Born Lamb 41029 Set Review!

Lego Friends Stephanie’S Newborn Lamb Toy Unboxing, Build And Play Review

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