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LEGO 41032: Amazon Lego Friends First Jungle Bike Toys

There’s a monkey in distress, trapped in a cave by a heavy rockfall!

Then use the walkie-talkie to radio home about your rescue mission.

Lego 41032

Emma with other minifig hair that we have. The hinged part of the cave and sliding door here are fun. But you do need to look at what you’re buying. Not for me that ‘catwalk’ set (!!) or the pet salon.This set is very small, but added to larger sets adds a new element of fun. My kids do not have large sets of legos because of how expensive they are, and it always seems like, for the same amount of money, we can get other larger toys that are “more” for the value.

We will continue to buy them when we can afford it. Here and there we will eventually get a large combined set. There’s a really cool sliding door in this set, which my six-year-old thought was great. There’s also a little trap door that releases “rocks” near the entrance to the cave.

Lego Friends First Aid Jungle Bike Set Build Review Silly Play Kid Toys

Emma is off to the rescue on her cool little jungle bike with attached sidecar!

The Lego Friends First Aid Jungle Bike set 41032 is …

Overall, lots of fun little features on this set, which isn’t very large but is totally worth what you pay for it. This set is small and only took about thirty minutes from start to finish. After building the set, more play begins!

Definitely can work with regular minifigures as well as friends.

Lego Friends First Aid Jungle Bike Review!

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