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LEGO 41039 Friends Sunshine Ranch Set

There’s a world of great adventures waiting for these best of friends. A great choice for family afternoons at home, the set’s 721 piece count can amuse both kids and parents, offering quality time and plenty of entertainment.

Lego 41039 Friends Sunshine Ranch Set

Not only for creative play purpose, great for fine motor skill development, hand/eye coordination, a project that can be done together as family time or alone. Kids feel fantastic once they see what they’ve built, then the fun begins.

We had to supplement a few of the pieces with our exiting collection which wasn’t too big of a deal since we got this set for such a great deal and we have a lot of lego’s on hand. Fortunately none of the missing pieces were unique or characters so it all worked out.Wake her up in the cozy apartment and make breakfast in the kitchen. Have her eat breakfast and take her downstairs to take care of the horses. There’s a world of great adventures waiting for these best of friends. She sat hugging it to her and even tried to bring it to the dinner table. At least she figured it would be best to wait until she got it home to open it and build it–otherwise our family cats would have had a grand time chasing errant little pieces around the house. Then they just got it out a couple weeks ago on a rainy day and put it together again.

Lego Friends Sunshine Ranch Part 1 Build Review Silly Play Kids Toys

It’s time to go horse riding with Mia and Eliza!

The Lego Friends Sunshine Ranch set 41039 is a cleverly designed with living …

My granddaughter is still playing with it. She was so proud of herself for accomplishing this and then loved playing with it!

My daughter received for her 8th birthday and was able to do it all by herself (a first for her as she usually runs out of patience on larger sets); might have been the horse aspect of the set (she’s horse crazy!). Once assembled, it’s a little roomier and easier to play with than some of the others. The chicken coop is adorable and very functional, the stable doors were a hit with my 6 year old, who by the way did most of the build herself. Very child friendly and lots of fun once the build is done!

Her big brother built the set for her, because she is a bit small to do it herself but she loves to play with it and she loves all the little animals that comes with it. She requested this larger set and was thrilled to receive it!

This set has everything advertised and is a wonderful toy for creative children!

Lego Friends Sunshine Ranch Set Review!

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