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LEGO 41073 Instructions Elves Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship

Sent from and sold by trade-sales-direct. Use the telescope to look below the crystal waters for the giant clam shell where the water key hides, then help the elf friends combine their magical water and wind powers to reach the bottom of the ocean and open the clam.

Lego 41073 Instructions

She loved them so much that she bought this set with her birthday money, and it didn’t disappoint. However, with a little adult guidance, she was able to complete it. There are lots of moving parts on the ship and several ‘pretty bits’ too, such as clam shells and jewels, which all add interest and help to fire her imagination. A very happy 6 year old who had this as part of her birthday present.Has played with this a lot since she has had it – along with all of the other lego her and her siblings have!

Anyway – gets five stars simply because it has been received so well and played with so much. It’s a combination of being decent build complexity (for a 5 yr old), whilst being attractive and shiny (for a girl drawn to the pink side of life!). This is the second set we have built (the other being the more complex treehouse). This boat adds to the fun and is great for imaginative play post-build. Loving that the sail turns when you turn the steering wheel!

Lego Elves Naida’S Epic Adventure Ship (2015) Instructions, 41073

How to build the 2015 Lego Elves set 41073– Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship. This set has 312 pieces and is suitable for ages 7+ It …

I guess it comes in handy after all the wind out at sea. .. My 10 year old spent much of an afternoon building it and has incorporated it into many adventures since then. Will they find what they are looking for?

Make a delicious meal in the galley and sit them down on the cushions to enjoy it.

Lego Disney Elves Naida’S Epic Adventure Ship Lego Speed Build

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