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LEGO 41101: Review Heartlake Grand Hotel Soupperson

The back of the box shows us the inside of the set and some additional views. Two instruction manuals are also included, one small manual for the first two bags and one large one for the other nine bags.

Yes, we get a total of 11 bags of bricks!

The frog mould makes its debut appearance in warm gold here. The bright purple suitcases also make their first appearance in that colour. The warm gold cone and 2×2 circular tiles are rare pieces and are certainly nice to get.It’s really just an updated version of her regular torso. Her head, face and skirt are all common pieces.

I love the build of the luggage cart, it’s really creative!

The fountain is amazing, that build is perfect!

The gold seashell and leaf parts look nice too. From the back it looks very realistic, it’s like in real life you can see where the water begins.

The warm golden frog at the top makes the build perfect!

The fences look okay, but there’s nothing really interesting about them though. The table and chairs, however are very nice. The chairs look gorgeous, from all angles!

I don’t think anyone will complain about getting three 1×2 transparent red tiles as transparent colours are so rare. The boot (trunk) only fits a single suitcase, but is nice nether the less. Her flower accessory is the only hair clip in the set which is unfortunate for a set this size. Stephanie’s face and hair are super common. This is the first time we’ve seen that amazing torso since 2013 . Nate’s hat is new and his hair makes its first “girl” set appearance. His bell boy torso is new and super cute!

It puts all the parts from the bag into good use, particularly the new arch.

I would’ve preferred a window compared to the door, but more on that later. The desk where the receptionist works looks quite nice, thanks to the warm gold pieces. It’s a shame we don’t get two 1×2 warm gold bricks to replace the white ones as the white bricks are kind of an eye sore. The two printed pieces are on display in a nice panel brick. The computer on the desk has a nice sticker on it as well.

I like the keys for the room at the back with the global clocks. The warm gold bricks with a curve extension are a new mould, super useful, gorgeous and exclusive!

The 1×1 warm gold bricks and medium lavender curved tiles are rare only appearing in a few sets. The red carpet with lights look quite nice. My only fault with this technique is it leaves a lot of open space. The roof is also built up making good use of the white 1×2 pieces with ridges in them and the new warm gold bricks.

I think the red carpet should’ve got a red 1×2 tile at the end to finish off the carpet look.

The transparent black 1×2 bricks are super rare and it’s great to finally get them in a “girls” set. The 1×3 medium lavender bricks are also exclusive. It’s a self service row with various edible/drinkable items. The lamp at the end of the table has a nice build.

I prefer the old microphone to this new coloring but oh well. It’s weird these two pieces don’t connect to the hotel. It’s a shame none of the mini-doll figures in this set wore a robe that matches this. There’s a nice sticker on the wall which portrays a picture of a woman. That transparent yellow cone piece has glitter moulded into it!

We get a much bigger bed this time, but it still looks just as comfy as the other bed. Instead of a bathroom this time we get a vanity.

The vanity has two nicely built perfumes, a letter, lipstick and a hairbrush on it. The stool in front of the table has another lovely looking cushion. The hotel is coming together quite nicely, now all we need is to give it a roof. The 1×2 bright yellowish green curved slope bricks, yellow and red tap pieces aren’t common either. The inside as we’re discovering a lot in this set is quite open. The lounge chair beside it was also fun to put together. The grass pieces at the end of the balcony give the roof top a nice tropical look. The red carpet leading up to the door on the inside is a lovely touch. The sticker for the elevator buttons and the number of the floor are fine as well. We’ve seen the majority of the rest of these pieces in previous bags. The flag would’ve been better if it was medium lilac/medium lavender but oh well. The inside of the elevator is the same as from the last bag, with additional floors and changed numbers. It was really fun to build and the best part was it wasn’t hard or frustrating. It will take time but you can fit three mini-doll figures in the shaft. There’s two much open space on the inside though.

I think we’ve could’ve got more characters, even using existing pieces.

I strongly recommend this set if you have the money. The set itself is too expensive for me, but oh well.

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