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LEGO 41105 Friends Star Show Stage Amazon.Co.Uk Toys

She plays with it all the time and loves it.

I chose this as a one off gift for a 9 year old.

Lego 41105

Our 9 year old daughter really enjoyed making and playing with this set. Quiet complex but good to challenge a young brain and has very clear instructions. There is more to it than meets the eye with a mechanism inside that you have to build so that things turn round. My daughter was over the moon with the set but to be honest, once it is built, there is not a great deal you can do with it.She also had the dressing room so she had 2 sets to play with. There are several small pieces which can get lost but it’s a good creative toy. Brilliant kit bought for my niece who it took an. .. Use the dancing function to see their slick dance moves!

Livi has a costume change before her big finale. This is a great set that is fun to build together.

Lego Friends 41105 Pop Star Show Stage Lego Speed Build

Lego Friends 41105 Pop Star Show Stage Do you want to see more LEGO Speed Build videos from BrickBuilder?

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Comes with a set of directions to build the stage set page by page. It’s nice that a boys classic toy has expanded into the girls spectrum. When my little one recieve d this she sat for hours building it and integrating her other sets into it.

We love that it gives you different options on how to build, take apart and build again. It was just difficult enough for her to feel challenged but not so hard that it wasn’t fun.

We completed this set in about an hour and it has provided hours of play after the initial build.

Lego Friends Pop Star Show Stage Review!


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