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LEGO 41113: Party Gift Shop

Open up the shop shutters and choose a gift to put in the gift box. Good value for the price, fast shipping, package in good condition.

Lego 41113

The friends series facilitates that so well.

We started with the princess sets and expanded to these. My 4 year old can build these quite easily and loves the adorable little animals.

I expect to be buying more lego sets in the future!Play with the bunnies on the functioning see-saw and give them carrots as a special treat. Bunny playground measures over 1” (4cm) wide and under 1” (1cm) high and 1” (1cm) deep. The only real drawback is that the pieces are so specific that you can only really make the one thing with them, but that is kind of the point – make it, then play with it. Very basic, not very involved or thoughtful (or thought provoking). My daughter loves legos and these little kits are perfect for her to do on her own. Easy to put together and clear instructions.

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