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LEGO 41124: BrickLink

Outside there’s a dog park with agility obstacles with a functioning roundabout and a podium. Inside there’s a bath, grooming station, feeding station, dog beds and an office area inside.

Lego 41124

Christmas gift and she already started to work on it. She is really into puppies right now and she loves the “baby” puppies and the fact that she can take care of them. She really gained building confidence with this set. It was easy for her to put together, abd she loves the lit thy le animals!This set features a dog park with agility obstacles and a functioning roundabout and podium. Bath area, grooming station, and feeding station. Run around the agility course with them in the garden-it’s like a playground for pups!

Then they can have some food and rest on their special beds while you take a new booking on the computer. Lot’s of little pieces that can get lost easily. Unfortunately, some pieces doesn’t have extras, but it didn’t effect the way my child build and played!

Heartlake Puppy Daycare Lego Friends 41124 Product Animation

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It goes with the very small puppy and pet sets. She then spent an afternoon putting it together without any breaks because she really really needed to get it done!

She has played with it every single day since she got it over a week ago. The only reason she isn’t playing with it right now is because she’s at grandma’s house!

It’s a really cute set, especially if you are a dog lover!

It was perfect for little 7 year old hands to put together. All of the little tiny pieces were a big hit. The only downside to this set is that it does not come with the orange tool to help take apart stuck legos. She had it completely put together in 2 days and now loves playing with it.

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