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LEGO 41129 Friends Amusement Park Dog Building Piece

Use the tongs to take a sausage from the grill and put it in the bun with sauce. Climb up the ladder to enjoy your hot dog and drinks in the rooftop dining area.

Open up the roof for easy play inside the van. Nate in hot dog costume stares into the distorted mirror. Accessories include hot dog buns and sausages, tongs, and ketchup and mustard bottles. Nate up as a giant hot dog to drum up business, put sausages on the grill and pop them into buns to feed the hungry customers.She had a lot of fun creating and has been playing with it since she put it together. The hot dog costume is fun, that hot dog van was a neat build that took enough time to really make it worth buying, even before play value is considered. It was really cool to watch it come together!

I enjoyed the many details that went into this smaller set. The photo booth with places for the figures to put their heads was clever. The hot dog costume was hilarious and unique.

Lego Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Van Review!


The vehicle itself is very well thought out and the top comes off easily without issue so you can play inside. She was able to put it together all by herself in minimal time.

I think she will really enjoy the rest of the amusement park collection. This seems to be true with all of the sets though.

I purchased to use as a cake topper for a surprise birthday party for my boss. There’s also a hot dog costume to fit a mini-doll, and nearby is the carnival cut-out board and a camera for a fun photo opportunity, as well as a funny distorted mirror.

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