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LEGO 41150 Disney Princess Moana’s Ocean Voyage Amazon.Co.Uk

Enjoy ocean adventures and help transform the island back to a green and peaceful paradise. This beautiful sailboat with opening storage under the deck, and island with transformation function, are perfect for recreating iconic scenes from the movie or creating new stories by the sea.

Lego 41150

This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 6-12.

I love the kind of movies which appeal to both girls and boys. Gave my 5 yr old son as birthday present and he was over the moon. Too many pieces – many of which have ended up making imprints in the soles of feet at what time or another.She loved making it and likes playing with the characters. My 6 year old was able to do this mostly on her own in 3 sittings. There are a few decals to place but nothing extreme.

I liked, too, that there were two main character pieces, so no fighting over the “people”. This year the girls begged for it to go home with them. They even included that funny little chicken.

Lego Disney 41150 Moana´S Ocean Voyage Lego Speed Build Review

The little island thing is nice, but seeing as its supposed to represent the oversized deities from the movies, it just doesnt work well.

I also was not a fan of his brick-built hook. My girl wanted it for xmas so i didnt mind the increased price but any other time of year we would have passed on it. He’s been playing with it and recreating the movie every day. They are 2 and 4 so we had to put it together with the 4 year old, but the 2 year old plays too.

I only gave it one less star because the island is a little finicky. With very minimal assistance, she was able to put it together almost herself!

She didn’t even make it to the island part before giving up. She has not returned to do that part either. Love the little details with the food and chicken. The ship is very large and there isn’t really anything wrong whit it. His hook is a really fun and unique build too. The outfit they gave her is nice, but when the two are beside eachother they look very similar. In all this is a very good set with great figures. It’s amazing how many elements from the movie are included in the set. Suggestion, while building play the soundtrack or ukulele music. So the chance to build a little boat with my daughter was irresistable. The boat is very detailed with a food hatch and nice sail but still fairly easy to build. The island is not huge but can be played with. Daughter still plays with the boat, it is probaby the last set out of, say 10 sets to not yet be broken down into something else.

Lego Disney Moana Ocean Voyage Review!

Set !

I review one of the LEGO Moana / LEGO Oceania / LEGO Vaiana sets – Moana’s Ocean Voyage, which is also one of the LEGO

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