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LEGO 41179: Queen Dragon’s Rescue

Refund available for sealed box only returns. She worked on it until it was completed and the finished product sits on a shelf in her room as decoration that she can play with.

Lego 41179

This set includes a tower with opening dungeon gate, firing ballista, and rising stepping stones through the lava pool. The imagination it creates along with her other dragons is lovely to watch. Emily and the elves on their fascinating journey. But this one is spectacular, very solid construction and feels weighty.Castle tower measures over 7” (18cm) high, 3” (9cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep. This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 9-12. The best thing about this kit is the white queen dragon herself. She is much bigger than the other dragons we have and she is very beautiful and majestic. There is one big problem: the neck joint does not support the weight of the head, so the head keeps flopping forward.

I just took a look at the most recent reviews for this product and there are at least two other customers with the same problem.

Lego Elves 41179 Queen Dragon´S Rescue Lego Speed Build Review

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Very happy with their customer service on this.

I have sent you out the parts that you need to make it stay on better!

Denmark and should arrive within the next 7-12 working days. Controlling the quality of the toys that leave our factory is a big job and we spend a long time trying to get it right. She started putting it together almost immediately. Unfortunately, its head does not stay up. The flexible neck joint is too loose to support the weight of the head. None of the other dragons have this feature. She really loves the dragons and this one is particularly lovely. She is 8 years old and only needed a little help from her big brother. The dragon itself is quite large and intricate. Would be a great gift for a lego lover and especially someone who likes animals or dragons. This one is prone to falling apart with light play which has been very disappointing for my daughter. This building set unleashes creativity and passion for play with all the colorful bricks and accessories needed to build the completed project.

Lego Elves Queen Dragon’S Rescue Review!

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