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LEGO 41239 Review: BrickLink

I love the combination of red and dark blue and the extra smattering of gold completes one of my favourite mini-dolls to date!

Her purple hair piece is brand new and matches the animated character model while the printing on her face features a purple shadow covering one side, recalling the effect of an eclipse.

Lego 41239 Review

Eclipso wears two fabric components around her neck and waist. The feathered lining around her neck is formed using a spongey material so does not sit entirely naturally but her dress is made from a stiffer fabric so hangs perfectly. They both look splendid and certainly lend a sinister air to the mini-doll. Her torso and legs are equally detailed as they are printed with a necklace, purple stripes and purple boots.The figure comes complete with a black staff topped by a trans-purple gem. The villains are armed with a flail, a sword and a sai. Furthermore, the size seems to be appropriate, although the show indicates that the vehicle should seat more than two people. They are accessible by opening the hinged canopies and the interior is furnished with some control panels which are formed using stickers. That is undoubtedly the case here but it really does not bother me as the plane looks great in its current form, with an interesting wing configuration and a good level of detail throughout. The black, purple and magenta colour scheme is excellent and a few trans-light blue elements are also included, particularly on the ground floor.

Lego Dc Super Hero Girls 41239 Eclipso Dark Palace Lego Speed Build Review

This also includes a pair of spikes and can be rotated to view the prison pods situated behind the throne. Opening the front door will cause the side panels and prison pods to fold outwards. The interior surface is more interesting and includes a pair of stud shooters mounted on a ball joint along with an adjustable spike, the tip of which is made from rubber. They can be opened on hinges and there is space to stand a mini-doll inside without the need for removing capes or other accessories. This should come as no surprise as it is undoubtedly difficult to maintain such an evil appearance!

However, the presence of two upward-facing stud shooters indicates that there may be more to this section of the palace than initially meets the eye. Eclipso’s palace is fairly deep but does not appear to be very large when viewed from the front, especially when the prison pods are retracted. Moreover, the inclusion of just three mini-dolls is disappointing, although each one is truly excellent.

I had to chuckle at the sinister swingball set!

I still cannot totally get behind the minidolls as opposed to minifigs until they manage to have independently moveable legs. Open the gate and unfold the palace to access the inside rooms and tubes. Use the vanity cabinet or weapons cabinet and get ready for the battle. Kryptomite™ training station measures over 2” (6cm) high, 1” (3cm) wide and 1” (3cm) deep. The manufacturer suggests this set for ages 9-12.

Lego Dc Super Hero Girls Eclipso Dark Palace Review The Build Zone Season Episode

Bwahaha you’re about to enter the super secret lair of The Build Zone!

In this episode Aline and Nicole review the new Eclipso …

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