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LEGO 41534: Вампос Lego

Vampos sounds so silly when he tries to talk through those big teeth and he seems chilled out most of the time. He lives for the buzz of aerial acrobatics and has amazing aeronautical skills.

Lego 41534

My 6 yr old is happy to complete this series. His wings have a joint so you can move them up and down. This set however was more difficult than the ones we have done in the past often having 4-6 new pieces added on each step and more flipping. Older children should have no problems but some 6-7 year olds might need a little help.Still makes a nice looking guy and was fun to build. My son particularly loves the glow in the dark eyes.

Lego Mixels Vampos Niksput Murp Lego 41534 Lego 41528 Mixels Series 4

LEGO MIXELS VAMPOS NIKSPUT MURP Lego 41534 Lego 41528 Mixels Series 4 VAMPOS NIKSPUT MURP instructions video …

Lego Mixels Vampos Lego Speed Build

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