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LEGO 4183: Amazon Lego Pirates Caribbean Mill Toys Games

Suddenly the mill wheel shakes loose – with them inside!

Next, you build the base of the mill, which is full of nice little details.

Lego 4183

Brown flat pieces are angled on the roof plates to give the impression of a ramshackle building. The final part of the build is the mill-wheel itself. This is slightly tedious and has to be done precisely; the instruction book has a scale diagram that may help children do it properly. The end result is great, though — the mill wheel sits on an indentation on the base, and there’s a level that lets you pop it up so it rolls away freely.They are challenging with a great result and gift when the project is completed.

I try to purchase them for every holiday. The sets are very detailed with fun moving parts and people from the movie scenes. It has a spinning wheel, and does not break apart easily. The item however, was in excellent condition and he loved it.

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