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LEGO 4184: Pirates Caribbean Black Pearl Lego

Includes six mini-figures from the film to recreate the adventure. A moveable anchor, detachable floorboard, and accessible captain’s cabin with opening door are just some of the cool nautical details included in this model.

Much of the construction time consists of building the body of the hull. When completed, this model measures nearly 2 feet long and more than 20 inches high, lending impressive stature. Fans of the films, as well as admirers of ancient ships, will appreciate the attention to detail, and kids will enjoy recreating spectacular battles from the films. Note that the completed model does not float.I will build that shelf just to house this beautiful pearl. This ship has the really cool cannons that shoot little cogs!

I very much appreciate the captain’s special study room – that you can open and reveal the insides and the study – that was very neat.

I do hope that this review helps you make your purchase. It was nice that you get more than enough swords to go around and pass around to some others sets as needed. The firing cannons are nice to have, although why we don’t get the maximum (4 in this case) is beyond me.

There are definitely some changes that were made to the basic ship model so it’s a different build than the other two. It looks great and the different parts are very accessible and fun to move around. With just a bit of supervision he was able to assemble this himself, albeit over 3 days’ time. A worthwhile purchase, and my star rating is based on how much the boy likes it. Showed pictures of all the unopened bags and parts. It offers plenty of fun-filled building to excite the imagination and encourage problem solving.

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