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LEGO 4184 Review: Black Pearl

So the issues encounter for the set still count. Biggest grief of this set, the sails with lots of creases.

Lego 4184 Review

Ironing and starching would remove the crease. About the build, quality of the basic bricks were of high quality. Though no number bags mean more time spend on sorting the parts.

You may not notice from viewing from the side.However, viewing from top expose a serious problem. Due to the connector and axle hole aren’t in straight line. Lepin’s red axle pins are slightly longer. Those new set released in 2017 had rectified the issue.

We leave the sails as they were without ironing. It is made up of 802 pieces which are mostly coloured black to stay true to story.

This well-done set, will provide you with endless hours of playtime, and bored-ness will never creep into your time with this set. What is really a noteworthy feature is the beautiful crispy black sails which adds a very liberal amount of loveliness to the ship’s overall appearance. There are seven black sails included in this set. They are packaged in a very uniform manner, inside a white packet with two pieces of tape to enclose the packet. There are four large sails, two medium sized sails, and one small sail. Two on the main deck (which are the largest of these sails), to a medium sized one (on the rear of the ship). This feature is somewhat good, and somewhat bad. Fishing vessels usually have some sort of storage compartment where provisions, medical supplies, and fishing equipment are stored. Next, let’s start talking about the cannons. There are only two cannons included in the set, which are both set up on the front sides of the ship. In all, there are six “holes” on the sides of the ship which are solely made for the purpose for the cannons. Luckily, there are “flag” pieces which overlap over the arches so this embarrassing feature can’t be seen at all times. Also, you can place your minifigure(s) here so they can view the sunset when sailing across the blue oceans of the world. It looks more like an angel, due to the “winglike” pieces located on it’s back. The patterns and colours on their torsos and facial expressions are very noteworthy and outstanding. The great blue colour of it is amazing, topped with the sea detailing, makes it a perfect cake topper. There are nice windows located on both sides, and rear of the ship. They also open up a few degrees to let the sea air in. The side walls of the room open ~ 92º- which is well-needed feature. The ceiling can also lift, thanks to the help of flat tiles (for the win!). That there, just changed my who outlook on the set. It was only half-started (or half-done), but it looked like a masterpiece to me.

I now, have it sitting on my desk, which is a very good alternative to having a ship in a bottle or a globe. But some techniques are used which can frustrate juvenile builders.

I know first hand experience that it’s very difficult to photograph a black model, and they did a fine job of it (of course, they’ve mastered the art) but why make all the box so dark?

A quick glance back at the box revealed it was only 804 pieces, that’s over 12¢ a part.

We broke out the instructions and opened the free poster. Two instruction booklets, which is a bit misleading, it’s really not that big of a set. As we started building we noticed something unusual. In our house it’s a long standing tradition that everybody but dad builds the minifigures, even my wife gets into it. As we continued to build we discovered there was a single minifig in each of the six bags. Connor was impressed at the stage where we had to flip over the hull to put the 2×2 round boat bottoms on that the hull laid flat on the table.

I was more impressed with the clever reinforcement of the masts and the connection of the jib boom.

I was pleased to see that the cannons fire. Then things changed and toys got “safe”, fingers weren’t burned, cannons stopped firing and kids were sad.

Lego 4184 Review

I have to say the box art is a little deceptive as well, featuring both cannons on one side of the ship, leaving their starboard side completely defenseless. The figurehead is a nice touch, with her little black wings. The figure assortment in this set is pretty good. All the figures are quite nice, and it’s a good amount for a set and ship of this size.

I don’t know if the figures alone would prompt anyone to buy the set, but the hardcore pirate fans out there just might. We’ll start with the stand out figure from the set. Even though he seems out of place in the set, this figure is excellent. He features front and back printing on his upper body as well as printing on his hat.

Review Of Lepin 16006 The Black Pearl Bootleg Of Lego 4184 Customize Minifigures Intelligence

The custom beard/tentacle (beardacle?) part as well as his clawed left hand make this a truly unique figure. Connor was impressed that the claw is able to grasp standard rod parts and was sure to test this capability as soon as the figure was complete. The head was also the only one in the set with printing on one side only. He has double sided printing on his torso, front printing on his legs and printing on his hat. As with all the other sets he comes with his compass (plus an extra one). This figure features front and back printing on his torso, a scabbard, sword, flintlock and a great hair piece. It’s interesting that his face printing only has sideburns on one side. It features front and back printing on the torso, cool hair, scabbard and sword. This is pretty strait forward figure with some excellent printing. No unique parts, but he does have one of the new(ish) bottles. The head is printed on both sides, but not with a face on both.Another unique figure and a pretty cool one. It features front and back printing on the torso and head, but with a face on one side only. As it stands it’s a little difficult to get a figure in the cabin and really all they can do is sit in the chair at the table. It’s not clear if the hinged sides are there for play access or just to keep the lines of the ship. Connor’s favorite aspect of the ship is the quarter deck and cabin. It’s a cool set though, and fully built and on display it’s impressive.

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean The Black Pearl Review Brickqueen

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Something about all that black makes a striking silhouette. It’s proudly on display on top of my entertainment center now.

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