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LEGO 4191

This set is good because you get three minifigures without having to buy a big set. The price is right and the set has lots of really cool stuff in it like ships in a bottle and a globe.

Lego 4191

As he turns to leave, two pirates jump out of the shadows. With nowhere to run, will he be able to fend them off and escape with the loot?

Hard to come by and a bot more expensive than retail, but worth it for my son. This set is very easy to put together, no problem for a 7 year old.This tiny set is super cute, the globe rotates, the bottle shelf is nifty, and it comes with two cool minifigs.

Lego Pirates 4191 Captain’S Cabin Lego Speed Build

Lego Potc The Captain’S Cabin

4191 Captain’s Cabin is a Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides set released in April 2011. The main structure in the set is a …

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