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LEGO 4195

It is not an easy build, but it is a great addition to anyone who loves the pirate sets.

I helped him assemble the item and we both had a great time.

It’s very nice looking from the back and front. The sails are nice and the windows, skull railing, and lantern in the back all add a creepy kind of elegance to it.

We will, definitly, find a prominent place in his room to display it. He was so excited to receive it and spent about half a day assembling it and then proceeded to play with it.It seemed to stay together even though it received some hard use and had to travel over 500 miles to his house. Grandpa helped him find the pieces, all 1074 on the table. It was an enjoyable experience ordering on line. Kept us notified promptly of receipt of order, when shipped and tracking number and we actually received the product before the quoted delivery time. The intricate details of the ship and pirates were amazing. The red sails were just as the pictured showed on the box.

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She is 9 and really enjoys sitting down together and spending some time. It’s great because we do a small section at a time, and it takes several days to take shape. It’s also an excellent excercise in attention to detail, and being patient and precise. The instructions and the organized way these products are presented is just amazingly well done. Not worth the price if you are looking for a challenge.

I collect lego sets, and this is easily my favorite one. The vendor delivered my package timely, and the box was in perfect condition.

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