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LEGO 42000: Amazon Lego Technic Super Car Toys Games

This will keep me occupied during the cold long winter.

I was very happy to receive the super car so quickly.

Lego 42000 Amazon

Amazon you are the best and it was great to be able to send gift cards through the computer and have cards accompan6y them. Never change, you will always be my first shopping stop!

The drive train includes an engine block that has a working crank shaft and pistons that go up and down. Parts of the bod move and they are controlled by a transmission, not one that meshes and unmeshes the gears but one with the gears in constant mesh with sliding collars to direct the power.We helped him put the pieces in containers and supervised him as he went. The missing pieces were mailed on 1-13 and received 1-21.

I would have given them a better review if they had been complete. The build is intricate with little repetition.

Der Nächste Flop In Der Lego® Vertriebsstrategie Exclusives Bei Amazon

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