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LEGO 420030: Amazon Lego Technic Volvo LF Radlader Toys

Climb aboard this powerful high-tech machine. Because of the movement, this set is more difficult that he’s used to.

Hopefully, he will want to build it when he’s older. Have not played with grandkids with it yet but looking forward to that. Looking forward to teaching them about how differentials work, gearing, mechanisms. Retired engineer getting to be a kid again.Built this while recovering from hip replacement so had great fun while keeping my mind off my hip. It took him a whole thirteen hours and two days of hard work!

The motorized actions make the set ten times better and make it much more playable. My son does complain a little that the set could be faster but it sure is powerful!

No stickers on box, no grab marks, no crunched corners. It is suitable for children aged 11 to 16 years.

Bucket reaches over 14” (38cm) into the air!

Lego® Technic Volvo Lf Radlader

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