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LEGO 42022: Amazon Lego Technic Rod Model Kit Toys

It is functional like a car with several. .. It is functional like a car with several moving parts.

You can bet this will not end up in a parts box. The build quality of each product is always through the roof and this one is no different. They offer countless hours of fun for kids of all ages and don’t ever seem to age. It took him a couple of days to put it together.He then toke it appart, built the other car. Instructions, stickers and all bags pieces are all here. He’s been playing with it since and working on modifications. Jul 21, 2015 this is a 5 star model, great value for the money this isa very great lego model.

Lego Technic Hot Rod Build & Review

Year of release: 2014. Pieces: 414. Building time: 1 hour. Price: €29,99.

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