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LEGO X 4 Diving Boat Instructions City

Then, radio back to shore with the walkie-talkie. Includes 2 minifigures: a driver and a rescue diver.

Lego 4 X 4 Diving Boat

Launch the boat, put on the diving gear and splash into the water.

We used a blue baseplate as a lake and the kids love “driving” the truck to the lake to put the boat in. It was easy for my seven-year-old to assemble and all the kids love playing with it. Legos are the best toy out there, even though they are expensive but well-worth the cost!!One caution: there are a lot of tiny pieces so make sure it is assembled with adult supervision. He builds them as soon as he gets them and then keeps them built to play with. Grandson is 9 years old and saves up his money and buys a lot of sets for himself. They are great teaching toys are pretty sturdy after being assembled, enough so that they can be played with. My other grandchildren play with them also (6-8 year olds), all except the four year old who is not careful enough with them. A great action set without violence and weapons.

Lego City 60012 4×4 & Diving Boat Lego Speed Build

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My four year old built the set with very little help and has re-built it three more times. The truck rolls well and tows the trailer. The boat really floats (he tried it in the bathroom sink). He easily put it together with very little help. This diving boat is, however, is one of their favorite pieces. He likes that the boat actually floats in water.

Lego City X & Diving Boat Lego Stop Motion

Lego City 60012 4×4& Diving Boat Funny Lego Stop Motion Animation. What will go wrong today?. Created By Little Kids.

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