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What Are The Numbers On Lego Boxes?

Currently, set numbers are 5-7 digits long and are featured prominently on the box and instructions for the set. You can also find the set number when you’re browsing LEGO ® Shop or on our product pages.

Where is the largest LEGO store?

Take a Look Inside the World’s Biggest Lego Store Lego’s latest flagship store opened Thursday in London’s Leicester Square. The two-story megastore—complete with a life-sized London Underground train car made up of 637,903 bricks—is the largest of its kind in the world.

What was the first Lego set ever made?

Here is the first box image used for all the earliest sets from 1958. The actual set contents were indicated on the inner tray. The first plastic bricks produced by TLG were in 1949, known as Automatic Binding Bricks. The bricks themselved did not have LEGO printed on them. Jan 5, 2012

How do I find a specific Lego piece?

You can find our most popular bricks in the Pick A Brick section of our LEGO ® Shop website and they’ll sometimes be available at a lower price. You can search by color, category, part name, as well as element and design number to find the pieces you want. Through Pick A Brick, you can buy up to 999 pieces of each part.

What’s the biggest Lego in the world?

LEGO’s just-announced Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon will be the largest — and most expensive — set the company has ever sold. The new Millennium Falcon LEGO set includes a whopping 7,541 pieces, and comes with a price tag to match: $799. 99.

What days are Legoland open?

LEGOLAND California is open 7 days a week but may be closed on select Tuesdays and Wednesdays from September to February. Normal Park operating hours are from 10:00am until 5:00pm but times do vary dependant on the time and day of year.

How many Lego stores are in the world?

There are currently dozens of Lego stores around the world, but they are pretty much limited to around 10 countries in Europe and North America.

What are the different types of Legos?


  • 31086 Futuristic Flyer. LEGO ® Creator.
  • 10908 Plane. LEGO ® DUPLO ®
  • 75159 Death Star™ LEGO ® Star Wars™
  • 70668 Jay’s Storm Fighter. LEGO ® NINJAGO ®
  • 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet. LEGO ® Marvel™ Super Heroes.
  • 31094 Race Plane. LEGO ® Creator.

  • What age is Legoland suitable for?

    Best Ages for LEGOLAND. The LEGO Group created theme parks with one market in mind: children. And by children, it means those in the 2- to 12-year-old range, with rides, shows, restaurants and hotels specifically designed to entertain that age set. Sep 5, 2018

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