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What Is The Difference Between Lego Juniors And Regular Legos?

The LEGO Friends figures – other than their hair – are not compatible with normal minifigures. As for adult female fans, LEGO has lost most of us with the LEGO Friends sets. Sure, we’ll probably pick up a few for the parts, but throw the figures away, except the hair pieces.

Is Lego Junior compatible with Lego Classic?

These sets are fully compatible with other LEGO sets. LEGO Junior is simply a theme within the LEGO System (just like City or Star Wars). It uses exactly the same bricks as regular LEGO. The models in Juniors sets tend to be simpler and use more basic bricks, but the bricks are all compatible.

Are duplos and Legos compatible?

 DUPLO ® and LEGO ® bricks are compatible, so you can use them together. There are some limitations, however. DUPLO ® figures aren’t compatible with LEGO ® bricks, and LEGO ® minifigures won’t fit on DUPLO ® bricks either. LEGO ® bricks will fit on DUPLO ® parts as long as the DUPLO ® ones have hollow studs on top.

Can you use Lego and Duplo together?

bricks do not share this compatibility with DUPLO – at best, you can stack DUPLO on top of them, but not the other way around.

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