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What Was The Very First Lego Set?

When the first LEGO sets were introduced in 1960 by British LEGO Ltd., there were over 100 different spare parts packs introduced. This was common for continental Europe as well. Oct 2, 2014

When did Lego come to Australia?

To launch the national initiative, LEGO Australia today premiered a 90-second trailer, at LEGOfestival. com. au, illustrating how the LEGO brick, since first arriving in the suitcase of John Peddie in 1962, has sparked the imagination of kids and adults across Australia for half a century.

How did LEGOs get their name?

The name ‘ LEGO ‘ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”. It’s our name and it’s our ideal. The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. The company has passed from father to son and is now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandchild of the founder.

Why was Lego made?

It’s also used in the plastic frames of some eyeglasses to this day. In 1963, Lego changed the plastic their bricks were made from to another polymer, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS for short). This melts the granules, producing a plastic goo which is automatically fed into Lego part molds. Apr 9, 2018

When did Lego come to America?

Culture. February 8, 2019. The LEGO System — or as most call them, LEGOs — came to America in the 1970s but has been around in one form or another for over 60 years. Feb 8, 2019

When did Lego start licensing?

The first movie and TV-based licensed themes were introduced in 1999, Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh. Lucasfilm’s license with LEGO has lasted for quite some time, and is still ongoing. Disney has been quite on and off in terms of themes. After the success of these licenses, Warner Bros. decided to jump into the action.

When did Lego buy Duplo?

The new construction method of combining large and small elements is patented in 1967. In 1968 LEGO DUPLO bricks are tested on the Swedish market, and after a few adjustments the brick is launched globally in 1969.

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