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Will Lego make more Harry Potter sets?

Harry Potter 2019 LEGO building sets revealed. LEGO has officially revealed five new Harry Potter 2019 building sets inspired by the hit film franchise. Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge ($29. 99, 265 pieces): Harry Potter fans can now battle a Hungarian Horntail with the most famous wizard himself!

How many Lego Harry Potter sets are there?

Since that time, LEGO sets, games, and books have been released based on all eight Harry Potter films as well as the film inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

How many Lego theme parks are there?


Where can I find Harry Potter Legos?

Products and Sets – Harry Potter™

  • 71043 Hogwarts™ Castle.
  • 75954 Hogwarts™ Great Hall.
  • 75955 Hogwarts™ Express.
  • 75950 Aragog’s Lair.
  • 75956 Quidditch™ Match.
  • 75953 Hogwarts™ Whomping Willow™

  • How many pieces are in the Lego Hogwarts Castle?

    6,020 pieces

    How do you draw Harry Potter step by step?


  • Draw an oval and a line.
  • Add an oval and four lines.
  • Draw a circle, a line and a few more lines to mark the eyes.
  • Add the eyebrows, the nose and a circle for the second eye.
  • Draw the mouth, hair and few more lines, as shown.
  • Add the rest of the needed details.
  • Erase the guidelines.
  • Color the drawing.
  • Jul 7, 2019

    Which is the best Legoland park?

    Our top three choices to visit would be LEGOLAND Billund because it is the birthplace of LEGO, plus LEGOLAND Windsor and LEGOLAND Florida as they offer the largest amount of attractions being the biggest two amusement parks by far.

    Is Legoland free for military?

    ACTIVE DUTY U. S. Service Members receive FREE admission to LEGOLAND ® Florida Resort & Water Park, no restrictions or blackout dates. NON-ACTIVE DUTY/FAMILY MEMBERS AND VETERANS: Deeply discounted tickets are available at each military base’s Information, Tickets and Travel (ITT) office that include a 2nd day FREE !

    How much does the Harry Potter Lego set cost?

    6,000+ Piece LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Costs $400. Collider.

    How do you get the gold brick in the Great Hall?

    Gold Bricks (I) There are 200 Gold Brick items available in the game. You can obtain four bricks within each of the 24 story mode stages by successfully completing the stage for the first time, by earning a ‘True Wizard’ rating, by rescuing the stage’s Student in Peril and for completing the House Crest assembly.

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