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Will There Be A Lego Batman Movie 2?

CastCredited cast:Clancy Brown. Lex Luthor (voice)Cam Clarke. Green Lantern / Martian Manhunter / Nightwing (voice)Townsend Coleman. Mr. Freeze / Mad Hatter / Commissioner Gordon / General Zod (voice)Christopher Corey Smith. The Joker (voice) (as Chris Smith) 11 more rows

How do you unlock all characters in LEGO Batman 2?

In order to unlock the heroes, you need to have enough gold bricks. Each character requires a different amount of gold bricks required. Then you simply need to find the gold door pieces somewhere in the Gotham City overworld and build the door to unlock the Hero.

How do you jump in Lego Batman Kindle?

Move your character near the ledge or high surface you want to jump on, or stand directly under the object you’re trying to reach. Press “A” twice in a row to double jump in the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii versions of the game. Press “X” twice to jump in the PSP, PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

Who are all the characters in LEGO Batman 2?

  • Characters.
  • Alfred.
  • Aquaman.
  • Bane.
  • Batgirl.
  • Batman.
  • Bizarro.
  • Black Adam.

  • How do you get the deconstructor in Lego Batman 2?

    Beat Story Mode, then visit the Yacht Club and defeat Lex Luthor one last time to make him available for purchase. It’ll cost you 250,000 studs to unlock this valuable villain, whose Deconstructor is the only thing capable of ripping apart black LEGO objects to expose hidden treats.

    How do you unlock Aquaman in Lego Batman 2?


  • Collect 70 Gold Bricks. You will need to collect at least 70 gold Bricks before Aquaman’s door appears.
  • Collect 125,000 Studs. You will need 125,000 Studs to purchase Aquaman after building his door.
  • Find the door.
  • Assemble the door.
  • Purchase Aquaman.
  • Use Aquaman.

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    Is Paramount owned by Disney?

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    Is ESPN owned by Disney?

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